Exams & Evaluation

The school year is divided into two academic sessions.

First term: April to September

Second term: October to March

The school conducts six formal examinations, three each term, for the secondary level. The primary level is assessed on a continuous assessment basis.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

At the pre-primary and primary levels CCE patterns of assessment is followed: Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation as the name implies, is a developmental process of assessment that emphasizes two-fold objectives continuity and evaluation on the one hand and assessment of broad ranges of instructional outcomes on the other. Students’ achievement in the areas of physical development apart from cognitive development and aesthetic development apart from emotional development is recorded.

By recognizing, appreciating, and evaluating their personal and social qualities, attitudes, and interest, the students are motivated to overcome their inhibitions and realize their true potential. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation provides a holistic picture of the learner and desists from the pass-fail system of the terminal exam. The objective is to bring continuous improvement in the performance of a learner through the constant diagnosis of gaps and difficulties in learning and helping the learner in overcoming them through remediation of instructions.



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